Learn how our insightful investment strategies focus on high returns while structuring risk away from you.

In today’s economic environment, you know how challenging it is to locate investments with high yields and low risk. Equities are volatile and fraught with risk, while the usual safe investments, such as bonds and CD’s, are encumbered with persistently low interest rates.

All things being equal, private investors may be better served by small, unlisted, private partnerships than by global, publicly listed, full-service investment firms.

Our investors appreciate that we provide a more intimate form of money management. It gives them more control over the transactions they choose to participate in and insulates them from external shocks that may happen far away.

Investing Alongside Qualified, Savvy Real Estate Investors

We offer you the opportunity to invest along with us and our other investors, so you benefit from our core principles in money management. We work only with experienced, world-class real estate operators and sponsors, and we structure risk away from our investors.

Our Four Areas of Focus:
[vc_tabs timeline=”1″] [vc_tab title=”#1″ icon=”” active=”1″]Granular Operators

Value-driven operators who have a proven investment strategy that secures underperforming and underutilized assets for strategic repositioning through hands-on management.

[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”#2″ icon=”” active=”0″]Opportunistic

Focuses on higher-growth opportunities, such as land development initiatives.

Management maintains partnerships with a number of prominent developers who identify geographic regions that are experiencing economic expansion, as evidenced by job creation and population growth.

[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”#3″ icon=”” active=”0″]Stabilized Asset Operators

Established funds that invest directly in stabilized, income-producing assets, such as LP secondaries.

[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”#4″ icon=”” active=”0″]Capital Providers

The lack of financing sources for middle-market distressed, opportunistic and value-added assets has resulted in an excellent environment to be an insightful provider of capital.

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FundSecur™ Information
Frequent Opportunities on a Loan by Loan Basis
Capital is Raised as Needed
Loan Servicing Company: Evergreen Servicing LLC
Lender Qualifications: No Qualification Limitations
Minimum Investment Amount: None
Target Return to Lenders: 10.00 – 12.00%
Interest to Lender: Paid Monthly
Minimum Term to Lender: As Long as Loan Runs
(average of 10.5 months)
Type of Mortgages Investments: First Lien, Interest Only, Trust Deed loans secured by a Deed of Trust securing Promissory Note personally guaranteed by the principal Borrower/s.
Lending Territory: All States
Term of Loans: Generally 12 to 18 months
Tax Treatment: Interest Income
(Ordinary Income)